The Return of Bonnie and Clyde

I recently read an article in USA Today about  the forthcoming film about the iconic Depression-era bandits, Bonnie and Clyde.  Apparently this was actually old news, but I’ve never been known to be the first one to hear much of anything.

Hillary Duff has been cast as Bonnie Parker, a role immortalized by Faye Dunaway in Arthur Penn’s groundbreaking Bonnie and Clyde (1967).  This casting choice has led to some verbal sniping from these two ladies, with Dunaway asking, “Couldn’t they have at least cast a real actress?”  Duff shot back against the remark as “a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now.”  Zing.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

To be fair, Warren Beatty and the filmmakers say they took a chance on casting Dunaway as Bonnie.  By 1967, her list of credits was not exactly intimidating, but she more than proved her worth as an actress.  She had a pivotal role in making Hollywood history as the film industry changed hands (seemingly) overnight during that tumultuous year.  

Hillary Duff’s credentials as a teen actress are not very reassuring, but actresses have turned out remarkable performaces with much bleaker resumes than hers.  Tonya Holly, director of the forthcoming The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, insists that the film will not be a remake of the 1967 classic.  Comparisons will undoubtably abound, but I am curious to see how they handle the material.  Perhaps there will be an effort to be more historically accurate, which alone would set this film apart from the Penn version.


4 Responses to “The Return of Bonnie and Clyde”

  1. RUMOR HAS IT… that there will be an all-cast sing-along at the end of the new film. Hence the Duff casting.

    I also hear that Clyde Barrow will be played by Chad Kroeger of Nickel(f-ing)back.

    Sounds AWEsome.

  2. I hate it when they remake old films because I can ask is WHY? B&C was seminal not solely for its fashion but because it was, as you said, a part of the new generation of films as the studio system and the Production Code disintegrated. What new ground or new theme is the remake going to cover? I like Hilary Duff, but her involvement in the film makes me think everyone involved in the making of the movie is going to worry about slick camera action and the fashions from the ’67 movie instead of de-glamorizing the images we have of Bonnie and Clyde because of that movie.

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  4. As I rated 5 Kisses (r) out of 5 to the 1967 Classic “Bonnie and Clyde} starring Beatty & Dunaway, the mere fact they have Hillary Duff cast in a role she will never be able to carry, on her best day, this just follows suit to the New Hollywood film making of today. How to Lose money in Hollywood Movies.
    Do a Remake of a classic, it is a sure bet. Why don’t they just pick a new criminal couple that haven;t been shot yet (on film) and run with a new art form. The original has been set, cast and dyed. Leave it alone as they will only burry themselves.
    1 Kisses I predict

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