Night Owl

I’m not an insomniac, but occasionally sleeplessness will pay me a visit.  And what better way to spend my time as a night owl but on the internet, browsing eBay to the tune of “History Detectives” on my local PBS station.

I’ve always loved Jean Seberg’s style in A Bout de Souffle (1959), from her pedal pushers and New York Herald Tribune t-shirt down (or should I say up?) to her pixie hair cut. Speaking of New York Herald Tribune t-shirts, I found one on eBay several days ago and couldn’t do anything but swoon:


I also swooned at the price ($13 for shipping?  I know it’s from Spain, but give me a break).  As much as I would be delighted to purchase such an homage to Jean, $32 is just too much for a t-shirt.


One Response to “Night Owl”

  1. New York Herald Trib-yoon!

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